Friday, September 23, 2011

How can I solve problems quickly?

The following is a simple problem solving strategy you can apply to help you cope better with your problems.

STEP 1 – Identify the Problem

Firstly, identify what it is that’s worrying you, and write it down on a piece of paper. Second, ask yourself if you have identified all parts of the problem. Write these parts down.

STEP 2 – Generate a List of Action Plans [options]

Ask yourself what possible courses of action are available for you to use. Write down all the courses of action open to you. Think widely and brainstorm. Try to generate a number of possible action courses. [You can pray that God gives you wisdom in the form of intuition.  God knows no failure, so trust Him to guide you on some effective action plans.]

STEP 3 – Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages

Look at step 2, and brainstorm the pros and cons of each action plan.

STEP 4 – Rate and Select

Rate each of the courses of action out of ten and then select the best one.

STEP 5 – Take Action!

After selecting the best course of action, make an action plan on how you will carry it out. Brainstorm the steps that have to be taken [one by one] to maximise your chances of successfully putting your plan into action. Also identify the things or people that might get in your way and work your way through or around them. Put the plan into operation by taking action within 48 hours.

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