Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 smart signs to expose your date's true nature!

Do you dream to find a compatible partner? Have you searched everywhere, been on dozens of useless dates and had meaningless relationships only to feel unfulfilled and alone again? You’re not the only one; there are so many people everywhere in this frustrating position in life.

The tricky thing about dating is that it’s very hard to see what type of person you’re associating with. Going out for dinner and an ice cream sundae on a handful of occasions doesn’t tell you whether or not this person is compatible for you. Thankfully there are some keys you should know to help you on your dates and understand the character of your date more.

Below are 5 smart keys to help you:

1. Ask intelligent probing questions on your date. Make sure you don’t act like a police officer on an interrogation! Just casually slip intelligent questions into the conversation. Ask the type of questions that will help you understand their deepest desires and mission in life. Are they dreaming to relocate to another country, travel the world for a year? This information will give you a lot of clues about your date.

2. Go by your intuition. How do you feel around them? What type of energy do you feel? Trust you sixth sense which is called by many the wisdom of God and let it help you sus your date out.

3. Move beyond external appearances and physical attraction. You may be so impressed on what they are on the outside-but does it match their inside? It's so common to want to rush into a relationship commitment with a date you find gorgeous. Watch out not to get overly preoccupied about how good your date looks. Slow down! Look into their character and move past the external.

4. How do they treat the opposite sex in front of you? You know a person by their reactions. Are they sleazy, flirty to the opposite sex or respectable? This will give you insight into their character. One girl understood that her date was always flirting onto the waitresses in front of her. She ignored this and continued to date him but soon enough she understood that his flirting was getting on her nerves, belittling her. She decided to move on.

5. Were they physically demanding? Did they initiate sex with you on the first date? If they didn’t bother to get to know you as a person then this can give you clues that maybe this person may only be interested in you for a fling and a good time-not for a serious relationship.

Through following these tips you can understand a little more of what type of person your date really is and start to understand the rate of your compatibility with your date. Compatibility is the real measure of whether you both can develop a lasting relationship. Knowing this will save you a lot of wasted time with the wrong person, potential heart break and a lot of frustration down the track.

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