Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to handle an enemy at work

Do you have someone at work that is against you and hates you for no reason at all? Is the person that hates you at work your boss or supervisor? Does this person make you hate going to work everyday and make you want to quit your job?

This report will help you understand the reasons why people hate you what steps you can take to deal with an enemy at work.

Get into the enemy’s mind –the psychology of hate

How can you deal with someone who hates you in a work environment? First of all you have to understand why this person hates you for no reason at all.

The emotion of hatred is experienced by people when they fear or are threatened by something. A very popular saying is “you fear what you hate” and this is a very suitable saying for this situation. The emotion of hatred is used by people to keep a potential threat to their well being away from them.

Start to understand that the enemy at your work is experiencing feelings of hate towards you because they are scared and threatened when you’re around. High chances are that your enemy may be extremely jealous of you and feel insecure and inferior in your presence.

How to deal with your workplace enemy

As explained above, there are several key reasons why a workmate may recognise you as a threat and hate you. The most important thing though is to learn how to deal with these people correctly.

If you decide to confront your enemy and ask them why they hate you they would certainly deny it to your face and end up making you look foolish! If your workmate hates you because they are jealous of you they will never swallow their pride and admit to having a problem with you. So it may be wise not to even waste your time and confront them about it.

Keep low in front of your enemy

This by all means doesn’t mean that you should cower when you encounter someone who hates you at work! But to get it easy at work it’s best you don’t deliberately spur on your enemy and challenge them.

Don’t try to show your enemy how great or ambitious you are- you will only seem like a bigger threat to them. As a result they may be compelled to literally bring out their biggest guns on you.

Be street smart

Like in prisons, the inmates that want to have an easy ride keep to themselves, don’t get involved in fights and keep low. A prison may seem like an extreme example but it will help prove the point that it is wiser to keep at low range in front of your enemy instead of getting yourself into needless trouble- especially if your enemy is your boss!

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