Monday, October 24, 2011

Why can't I manifest what I want in life?

By Christina Chartomatsidis

The self development sham

If you’re on a self development journey, it highly likely you’ve encountered experts advising you on how to manifest or bring your dreams into reality. The problem is that a lot of the time they are all regurgitating the same misleading information.

In reality most of these experts have never tried out the theories they promote, instead they work their way to the top through connections only to turn around and tell followers that they used the law of attraction to succeed.

The truth about manifestation

The truth many don’t want you to know is that manifesting your dreams is not about strictly applying the laws of the universe. In reality most people who have made it to the top didn’t have any concept of laws such as the law of attraction. Despite this, they reached their goals and made themselves a success through intelligent strategy, hard work and faith in themselves.

Rigid formulas don’t manifest - they frustrate

You have to be careful when following advice on manifesting as it may frustrate and exhaust you. For instance, many are instructed that to manifest they have to keep their emotions, feelings, being and thoughts on what they want all the time, even during times they feel down. Unless they do, they won’t attract what they want, but will attract more of what they don’t want.  This type of theory is unrealistic.

Psychologists have actually proven that it’s impossible for anyone to control what they think 24 hours a day. This theory is also dangerous as it encourages perfectionism, a trait that leads to chronic stress, exhaustion and burnout.

Jesus also did not preach these types of formulas when He was on the earth. He talked about planting seeds and harvest time when you reap what you have sown [either it being actions or thoughts], however He never instructed humanity to focus on the rigid rules the 'new age' world promotes.

Do I create what I focus on?

You may be focusing on marrying a rich husband or becoming the richest man in your neighbourhood, but the vibrational energy from these thoughts alone won’t bring it to you. Nor will visualisation alone bring you what you want. You have to act upon your thoughts or you’ll be just a professional dreamer.

If you sit there trying to perfect your thoughts and focus, the only thing you will reap is frustration because it’s impossible to achieve perfect focus and control of thoughts. You’re only human!

Am I a flawed creation?

In addition many people have commented that when they failed to manifest their dreams like others, they felt inferior or flawed in their abilities to attract/get what they want. The truth is that you aren’t a defective human because you don’t manifest at the same pace of others. Don’t compare yourself to others, knowing that everyone has their own timing and journey.

If you are not manifesting what you want, you may be blocking it or may not completely be ready for it to come into your life right now. Or God may be bringing something better that will exceed your expectations, so you may have to wait a little more.

The truth is that people cannot just attract things like magnets by thinking about them or by simply requesting them from the 'universe'. This is an unrealistic expectation as we were not created as Jeanies. The power of thoughts is not so simple!

Jesus told us to pray and ask repeatedly at the throne of God. This is a process of two way communication between you and God - and not what the world propagates when it advises for people to simply 'request' things.

The “How” is up to you and God

The funny thing is that many experts tell followers that they shouldn’t figure out how to get what they want through planning as the “how” is up to the 'universe'. They tell you that events and people will somehow attract themselves to you and pave the way for good to come to you.

This unfortunately puts you in a state of passivity and makes you nothing but a dreamer. The truth is God will help you through opening doors, leading people to you and by giving you divine guidance, but He puts the responsibility in your hands.

When you connect and partner with our creator God, He helps make a way to bring your dreams to pass - provided you co-operate. If you want to comb your hair, God can't comb it for you! Know that you are the one who has to take the action. As the bible says "Faith without works is dead".

Are my beliefs going to get in my way?

Yes it is important to work on your beliefs towards yourself and towards success. This will support you in your journey towards success. But know that negative people who have toxic thoughts can succeed just as much as a person with healthy beliefs. Negative people may whine and complain along the way and still strive towards what they want to finally succeed. Yet they didn’t sit around trying to abide by any law or place unrealistic demands to think positively 24 hours a day.

Working on eliminating toxic thoughts is recommended for an optimum life and mental state, and God desires us to renew our mind. Yet if you want to manifest, it’s wise to focus your energies on making the right plans, connecting with God and taking the right actions to get what you want. Don’t wait to be perfect to get what you want. Life is too short!

So do I avoid the spiritual side to manifesting all together?

No. God desires all people to succeed. They say that God puts desire in people because they are actually His desires of what He wants them to achieve. God isn’t rigid, if you look closely you can see that He allows all types of people to succeed – He doesn’t stop them if they haven’t focused on what they wanted perfectly! The self development hype out there is not what God, the creator of this universe follows.

Manifestation requires a comprehensive plan

Form a holistic plan for manifesting your dreams, this may include prayer, visualisation, affirmations, hope, determination, hard work, planning, faith in God and yourself and not forgetting action. In addition you need to develop a different interpretation of failure. Success includes failure, so don’t take it personally or as a sign to give up. See it as something telling you to learn what you shouldn’t do the next time you try.

If you take this approach in due time you will manifest what you want. Remember everybody has different timing, so never feel like a faulty human being and give up hope. The God of this universe is on your side and wants you to succeed as much as you do yourself. Know that if you keep trying and trying, you will surely manifest what you want!

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  1. great, wise article...offering a good balanced godly view on the topic! God bless! (why haven't you been posting lately?)