Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to become prosperous overnight

Go into any bookstore in most countries in the world and you will be literally bombarded with books telling you how to become rich quickly or how to become a millionaire fast. The raw truth is that the book industry caters to the craving of millions of people who have only one thing on their mind: to become rich quick!

Are these books hype or are they real?

The sad reality is that writers will publish sensationalistic books telling people what they want to hear simply to make money. Interestingly enough, the desire the authors have to write these books is the same desire those have who buy them – MONEY!

These books may teach on accumulating wealth and give you ideas, but they also may raise your expectations by giving you rare examples of those who amassed fortunes fast and easy.

Getting rich is a state of mind

Becoming rich requires you to get rid of scarcity thinking. That means you don’t feel there’s only so much to go around. Thinking like this will only make you competitive and jealous of others who succeed. You have to believe that no one can steal what is meant to be yours. When you have a rich state of mind you don’t have to cheat and manipulate others to get the money you want. You have a knowing that what you are doing will attract the wealth you desire.

Live below your standard

People who accumulate wealth are very good at practicing delayed gratification. Delayed gratification means you put off the pleasure of spending in order to save. The truth is you have to learn to respect money and focus on using it to make more. You learn about investments or interest you can earn from putting your money in the bank.

A million dollar habit used by most that became rich was to live below their standard. This means that when you can afford a Ferrari, you buy a Mercedes. Or when you can afford a villa in Spain, you buy an apartment in Spain. You simply don’t spend more than what you earn.

This doesn’t mean you prevent yourself from buying whatever you desire. You just have to make sure that you pay yourself first by putting away enough savings in your emergency bank account, for example 20 percent of your earnings. Spend your money wisely and smartly.

What’s the secret to becoming rich?

Unless you amass a big inheritance quickly, you can only become rich by having an idea or strategy that will succeed, working hard, being patient and overcoming many failures. Keep your eyes on your objective to become rich while using your talents and passion – this way it will be a more pleasurable journey for you. If possible, try to become self employed.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a superior way to amass money as opposed to working for someone else. Lastly remember that people have who desired to become rich before you didn’t do it overnight, they had a great idea and turned it into a way to make riches slowly and consistently.

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