Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adventures in the Far East!

Hello everyone and greetings from Japan!  We are having an amazing stay here and getting to do so many things in this land that never ceases to surprise us. 

We have been doing a lot of eating here in Japan as the food is not only amazing but so affordable [compared to restaurant prices in Australia, so so cheap!]

Me and Christina are particulary fond of `tan tan ramen'.  This is a very spicy noodle soup dish that sets your stomach ablaze and keeps it so warm on cold winter nights.  We definitely need it for these cold months here in north Japan where it will start to snow heavily soon where we are staying.

The coffee drinks here in Japan are divine!  In Australia I rarely drink coffee but with so many delicious coffee drinks available hot or iced I am finding myself drinking so much coffee!!!  My favourite is iced Vienna coffee.  It is just iced coffee topped with the most delicious whipped vanilla cream.  Beware if you are ever in Japan and you try this drink.  It is addictive!

We have also been doing a lot of exploring [spending hours!] at electronic shops checking out the latest technological devices and things here in Japan are definitely ahead of the rest of the world at least 5 years!!!

In addition as we are crazy about anything that is cute we have gone shopping on a number of occassions and bought so many things!!!  I think me and Christina have to send some things back home in boxes!!!
I just can`t resist, everything is so cute!!!

We have also been doing a lot of driving and travelling by car to other places in north Japan.  The driving experiences here in north Japan is amazing.  Having to drive through countless mountain road tunnels and seeing all the beautiful red and yellow Fall trees.  Also spending time at roadside service areas that are more like high tech malls that provide Starbucks coffee shops and sell everythting from hot curry, traditional pickles to Hello Kitty souveneirs!
Friends in Christ, please stay tuned for the next blog post of our adventures in Japan!  Until next time, God bless!

Teppie [and Christina]

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