Saturday, September 24, 2011

How can I become more powerful and influential?

By Christina Chartomatsidis

Who is truly powerful and influential?

If you want to discern a person who truly has power and influence, don’t just look out for characteristics such as extroversion, popularity and pushiness. Don’t be mistaken, many people who appear to be powerful and influential by boasting of their strengths and contacts may do so to compensate for actually feeling weak and powerless.

The story of Adolf Hitler

One famous example of someone who appeared powerful and influential is Adolf Hitler. Although he managed to rule Germany and many parts of Europe with an iron fist, the truth was that he was a psychologically weak and broken individual who preferred to commit suicide when the going got tough, instead of courageously facing his enemies. In this case Hitler appeared influential and powerful by having the power to terminate millions of human lives and rule Europe – yet this power and influence only lasted for a short period.

What makes a truly strong and influential character?

Truly influential and powerful people often go un-noticed. They don’t need to go around proving they are worthy and powerful – simply because they know they are! Most of the qualities that make them powerful and influential come from the way they approach and interpret life. In other words true power and influence comes from a superior state of mind.

How can I be powerful and influential?
  • Become resilient
When you fail or fall, refuse to give up or stay down. Resilience is all about getting up after setbacks, failures and problems. It deals a lot with how you interpret your fall. Do you see your fall or failure as a sign that the situation is hopeless? Or do you see it as a learning opportunity to start again smarter and tougher?

Your interpretation of negative events will determine if you have what it takes to be a person with power and influence. Therefore it’s recommended you don’t take whatever bad things happen personally. This requires you to cultivate a never-give up attitude.
  • Fear no-one
The bible clearly tells us that “The fear of man is a snare.” Powerful and influential individuals are the type of people who fear only God. The truth is that those who are destined for great blessings in life may at some time face intense hatred or opposition from those who are threatened by their success.

So in order to become powerful and influential you need to grow what is known as “thick skin.” Don’t be moved by intimidation. Belittle enemies in your eyes by knowing they’re only human – they cry, fall short, feel inadequate, sadness and pain like you too.

Also learn to have no need of other’s approval of you or of what you’re doing. You simply have to learn to detach from other people’s opinion of you. Be un-concerned of it and unmoved by it. Just focus on God, your goals and do what you have to do.

If you look at the character of Jesus, he was extremely powerful and influential when He walked the earth.  He feared no-one but God and had thick skin, so He didn't need the approval of other people.  Jesus set an example for us to follow in our own personal lives, so strive to imitate His character.
  • Believe in yourself
Believing in yourself comes from having strong self esteem and self confidence in whatever you are doing. You value yourself as a child of God and don’t abuse yourself when you fall short. Positive and influential people also practice the skill of assertiveness well – this is one of their great strengths.

Also instead of focusing entirely on what is wrong with them, powerful people focus on what is right with them; for example their strengths and positive attributes. This is important as when you take big steps you will have faith that you can get the job done.
  • Stop depending on others
Dependency on others for things such as approval, support, love, self esteem and money will only weaken you. If you constantly look externally for things you should give yourself, you will be caught in a miserable and never-ending cycle.

To become powerful and influential you have to rely on God, but you also have to become your own best friend and supporter. This is sometimes referred to as “self love.” You have to learn how to encourage and comfort yourself when you’re down. You have to learn to give yourself advice and the reassurance that you can do it.

This is done by dealing with your negative core beliefs and practicing positive self talk. That means no labels such as “loser” or self talk that puts you down. The raw truth is that sometimes there may be nobody to turn to or to trust, so it’s vital you develop a strong relationship with yourself.
  • Be a solution oriented person
When powerful and influential people face troubles, failures and setbacks, they don’t just sit in the ash heap and throw in the towel. Instead they are resourceful and constantly look for solutions to whatever is happening. They focus on health instead of disease, wealth instead of poverty and success instead of failure.

Unfortunately most of us think worrying will do something to help our situation, but as Jesus said over 2000 years ago, worrying will do nothing for you. Learning how to find your way out when you get stuck is the key to reaching the top.
  • Become financially secure
A good look at poverty will tell you how destructive it can be. Poverty makes you feel helpless and is anything far from being powerful and influential. This is as poverty strips you of your basic needs, the opportunities and experiences life can offer you for your enrichment.

Being financially secure allows you to have control over what you want to do and where you want to go. It also can help buffer you during the hard times in life. I am not at all suggesting that money is everything; however without it you may see yourself at the mercy of others.

So start the habit of saving 10 percent of what you earn and don’t spend rashly and practice delayed gratification. Also tithe as the bible says and your generosity will be as Jesus told us "given back to you".  Remember short term pain for long term gain!

Final words

Lastly, remember that becoming powerful and influential isn’t a state of affiliating with those in the top, pushing people around or being arrogant. It’s about having personal power and influence and using it ethically, wisely and in a way that will please and glorify God. Don’t worry about marketing yourself to be powerful and influential – sooner or later people will discover that you truly are. Leave the talking and the proving to those who need to fake it.

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