Saturday, September 24, 2011

Help! I feel embarrassed

By Christina Chartomatsidis

How can I stop feeling embarrassed?

Embarrassment is a feeling experienced in the presence of other people. It relates to an action you consider being socially unacceptable and wrong. To deal with embarrassment, first of all learn that embarrassment is directly related to false beliefs and your interpretation of events.

For example, if you consider tripping in front of a group of pretty cheerleaders embarrassing, you will definitely feel embarrassed if it were to truly happen.

Embarrassment is dependent on your definition

Another guy in the same situation may not see the above example as a reason to blush and feel embarrassed or humiliated. The fact is that embarrassment is dependent on your view of the event or action.

How can I get over embarrassment?

The truth is that your beliefs regarding embarrassment most likely formed during your childhood. Despite this the good news is that you can deal directly with false beliefs that tell you certain actions should result in you feeling embarrassed or humiliated.

For example, if you believed from a child that making a mistake in front of others is unacceptable or shameful, you would have to write it out on a piece of paper and challenge it. This is a practical example of what the Word of God tells us to do when it instructs us to "cast down wrong thoughts". 

To do this throw logical questions as it such as “Yes, father told me it was stupid to make mistakes, but is it fair to allow this belief to rule me?” or “Making mistakes is part of human life. There’s no point to feeling embarrassed as I’m not the first or the last person on earth to make mistakes.”

This way you will kill off and replace the false belief with a realistic and logical one. Drum it in your head always for it to take effect.  Also use quote scripture.  There is a lot of scripture in the bible telling us who we are in Christ.  In these types of moments it pays to remember a few of your favorite scriptures to repeat to yourself.  Remember the Word of God is powerful and sharper than a two edged sword!!

You aren’t your actions!

You may have fallen flat on your face, but that doesn’t equal the person you are. Many people who make mistakes or produce actions they consider to be embarrassing tend to take it personally. They put their whole self image and worth on how they carry themselves in public – and when they fall short they’re self esteem and confidence comes crashing down as a result.

Everyone’s human

A golden key to getting over embarrassment is to not depend on external factors to define who you are. The truth is you will make mistakes and sometimes you may get laughed for them. But know that this is a part of being human.

Everyone is human like you – even those who laugh in your face know what embarrassment feels like. Start to understand that you are a complex individual – one event cannot define who you are. God created you and finds pleasure in you.  He doesn't see your mistakes, he sees the beauty and potential in you.  So stop taking embarrassment personally and deal with it appropriately by targeting the sources of it, which are your false beliefs and interpretations.

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