Saturday, September 24, 2011

The psychology of colour

By Christina Chartomatsidis

Have you ever pondered on the loveliness of a violet rose, the beautiful mix of yellow and pink at dusk or the impressive array of black and starry silver at night? Yes! Thanks to the amazing creativity of God, our planet is alive with a rainbow of beautiful colours.

Can colour influence the way I feel?

Colour is not only visually appealing – the interesting truth is that every colour has a meaning. Colour affects our psychological state and when used correctly, it can help us adjust the type of mood we desire to have. You can even tell what people are feeling from the colours they choose to wear!

Every colour group has a different meaning

Colours come in groups of warm, cool and neutral colours.

Warm colours

Red: Red is associated with fire and suggests warmth, love, passion and danger. It’s a stimulating and intense colour that can cause excitement and indicates an extroverted personality. Giving a red rose would be the perfect present to a woman you are interested in; as it symbolises indirectly that you love her – you won’t have to utter a word!

People who choose red cars are known to be ruled by impulse more than careful consideration and may tend to speed and drive recklessly. If you have a cold room, using red can bring a sense of warmth, although this colour is not recommended if you suffer from high blood pressure as red can irritate and cause headaches.

Pink: Pink is the colour associated with baby girls and femininity [most men don’t wear pink.] It is an uplifting, soft and delicate colour that flatters almost anybody. It is also a calming colour so use it when you feel like relaxing [provided it is not hot pink or florescent.] If you’re a man and you like pink, wear a pink tie with a grey or black coloured suit for a calming yet masculine look [the girls will love it!!]

Brown: Brown is an earthy colour and when dominantly worn, indicates a serious character. Because it is a dominant colour of nature, brown can be used during times of stress as it is a healing colour. However don’t over-wear brown, as it will cause a stifling, stern mood.

Orange: People who wear orange are extroverted and friendly in nature. Orange is a refreshing and effervescent citrus colour. If you want to feel more positive and uplifted, try to wear orange or liven up your room with it as it will make you feel bright and joyful. If you know someone who is sick, give them orange flowers as a present to cheer them up!

Yellow: Like orange, yellow indicates an extroverted and friendly character. It is the colour of sunlight and likewise expresses brightness. If you’re feeling down and want to be more cheerful use yellow to your advantage. If your room is dull, incorporate yellow by either painting it on one wall or make it the colour scheme of your room by using yellow toys, picture frames, rugs, curtains or pillows. Interestingly enough, it is has long been said that giving a yellow rose to someone indicates jealousy.

Gold: Gold is the colour of wealth. This colour also means a new beginning, so use gold when you undertake something new. Gold is a colour that can add elegance to whatever you are wearing, so if you want to look rich and classy wear gold accessories or shoes and mix it with white clothes. If you can afford it buy accessories from Cartier or Rolex for a touch of regal!

Cool Colours

Blue: Blue is a cool colour that is also healing. Blue rooms are actually recommended for people who have come out of hospital as it speeds us the healing process. It also creates the feeling of coldness in a room, so during summer it cools and sooths you from the heat. It is said that staring at the blue sky can promote healing and wellness.

Purple and Violet: Purple is a very majestic and regal colour used in many religious ceremonies. It symbolises dignity and royalty. It is said women who wear a lot of purple have broken hearts related to their relationships with men. Thus purple can convey that a person is mourning or feeling sad. Mixing violet or lavender with pink is like a breath of fresh air. It also emphasises femininity – so if you want to look super feminine for a date, try incorporating pink and violet in your clothes.

Green: Green is a colour associated with nature, trees and fresh meadows, making it a healing colour. If you need either mental or physical healing use the colour green to your advantage. For effective use, surround yourself in nature, it will release tension by helping you feel peaceful, serene and restful. If you feel stressed at work, to de-stress escape into nature by eating your lunch around it or take a small walk in it.

Neutral Colours

Black: Black is the colour of darkness and of the night, making it opaque and mysterious. It is said that those who wear black as their main colour wish to conceal their true selves from other people. They may also use a lot of black to appear powerful and strong externally. It’s also been discovered that most drivers who get into accidents drive black cars. If used excessively black can make you feel sombre and heavy as it is the main colour of death and mourning.

White: White is used as the main colour of wedding dresses. It indicates purity and like gold, a new beginning. If you want to convey status and elegance, wear white clothes. Also be aware that excessive white gives a formal and aloof feeling or impression to others.

Grey: Grey is a cool colour that can be formal. Dark grey can become dominant and gives off a depressing and stiff impression if used excessively. Use grey with colours such as pink or blue to create a nice combination. If you want to create a futuristic or ultramodern office space or kitchen use grey carpets and walls or steel kitchen and office appliances. Make sure though, to use grey in moderation with another colour such as red or white, so it doesn’t make you feel down.

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