Thursday, September 22, 2011

How insecurity can help rise you to the top

How can insecurity help you become successful in life? You may be questioning the validity of the previous statement and discount it but I urge you not to.  The truth is that adversity and insecurity can motivate some people and push them to become high achievers and succeed in life.

If we look at the history books of some of the great people in the past we will discover that a lot of them became successful because they had some kind of insecurity that forced them to achieve very big goals.

Brian Tracy- from rags to riches
Many people who suffered from poverty and financial insecurity as children grew up to become adults who longed for financial security and became wealthy as a result.

Brain Tracy, the famous self development expert and author of many books including Million Dollar Habits was brought up in such an environment. Due to growing up in a poor family, Brian had to work as a 10 year old to pay for his clothes and expenses.

As a young man Brian was many times one pay cheque away from homelessness and had to live in his car because he couldn’t pay for his board at a lodging house.

Brian’s poverty and desperation pushed him to study the laws of success and prosperity and work hard until he finally became financially secure and reached millionaire status.

Joseph Pilates-a bedridden child with a vision

Joseph Pilates the inventor of the Pilates strength training exercises was once a weak child suffering from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. Joseph was bullied by bigger boys at school and spent a lot of his childhood bed ridden.

He would look outside the window and watch other children play and desperately want to join them. Joseph’s condition made him feel even more lonely and envious of the other healthy children.

But this adversity pushed Joseph to dedicate his entire life to improving physical strength. He created a strength training regime with the help of equipment that could be attached to beds, making it possible for even bedridden people to get a workout.

Through adversity and physical insecurity, Joseph Pilates was able to make himself well and strong. He turned his crisis into an opportunity. Nowadays there are countless programs using his program for strength and flexibility the world over!

When Joseph was an elderly man, he had a body that was well toned and strong like a man in his thirties - while others his age walked around with walking sticks! Only through adversity was he pushed to strive and achieve such an amazing dream.

Learn from the experts and turn your pain into your success

Like Brian Tracy and Joseph Pilates you too can turn your lack and insecurity into a platform for your success. From now on don’t look at your weaknesses or lack as your downfall and your tragic destiny.

Start to look at your weaknesses and insecurities as a chance for a turnaround in your life. Allow your adversity to be your teacher and propel you to rise to the heights of success.


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  1. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, "I am made strong in my weakness thru His grace...."