Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 Ways to help rebuild your self esteem and confidence

There are many ways you can build self esteem and self confidence. It’s true that rebuilding your self esteem and confidence doesn’t happen overnight or from a single decision or change in your behaviour. Your self esteem and confidence can be built bit by bit through a willingness to work on several areas of your life and improve them gradually.

Here are 6 basic ways you can start to address and to improve your self esteem and confidence:

Treat yourself well no matter what has happened

To build your self esteem and confidence you have to, despite whatever has happened in your past, be willing to love, care for and nurture yourself. Give yourself what maybe your parents or the people around you in your past could not. Accept yourself for the person that you are and be determined to personally develop areas that you want to change about yourself. Make it your goal to become a more self sufficient, stronger human being.

Speak to yourself with respect

People who have low levels of self esteem and confidence talk down to themselves because they don’t feel they have any worth, partly because they were treated poorly by others in the past.
You have to start to talk to yourself positively throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that you should be 100 per cent perfect at positive self talk! But it does mean that you should start forgiving yourself more for your mistakes, stop calling yourself cruel, degrading names and start being your own best friend/coach.

Get support- give up the idea that you can handle it alone

Develop support and intimacy by cultivating relationships in your life with people who will love and respect you. Everyone needs a support base that they can trust in and confide in. This love and respect from others will have a healing and positive effect on your self esteem and confidence.

Get closer to God

If you find it hard to develop a support base then getting support from finding and connecting with God will do much to make it easier for you to cope along your journey. Understanding that you can confide in God.  Jesus said that we should "cast our cares upon Him".  Know that God will love you and stand by you no matter what happens in your life.  Dwelling on this truth when you feel down is reassuring and will boost your confidence. 

God will provide you with a powerful support base and a refuge to go to in all times of life. Getting closer to God will help you realise the potential that you’ve never tapped into.

Invest in self nurturing activities

Just as you would offer small gestures of caring and nurturing to deepen your relationship with the people you love, you can do the same for yourself. You can treat yourself well on a daily basis by doing certain activities.

Such self nurturing activities could be asking a special person to hold you, listen to a positive motivational tape, exercise, getting a relaxing massage or anything you find pleasurable. By doing such activities you will begin to foster a closer and more supportive relationship with yourself and by doing things you love you’ll become a happier person and improve your feelings of self worth and adequacy.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

You can raise your self confidence by starting give yourself credit for the things you have accomplished in life instead of disregarding them. Start writing in your diary about you past accomplishments. If you are creative you can create a collage of pictures of yourself during the happy, good times in your life. This can help build resilience and remind you that you can be successful and happy again no matter what has happened.

Increase your knowledge

Did you know that by expanding your knowledge and learning new things you can dramatically increase your levels of self confidence? By having knowledge of a certain topic or issue you’ll develop an enriched personality and be a more confident communicator with other people. People will be interested in your company and will desire to converse with you and hear your opinion.

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