Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why do I feel lonely?

*  Do you feel alone in this world?
*  Are you disconnected from others?
*  Do you feel alienated?
*  When you see other people with a group of friends having fun or a couple holding hands do you feel envious and sad?

These are normal symptoms of a person suffering from loneliness.

So why do people feel lonely? The root cause for feelings of loneliness is a lack of intimate relationships and the lack of a relationship with God.

I am popular but still lonely

Ironically, a person may be popular and have a large circle of friends but still feel empty and lonely inside. Despite being popular, a person may feel lonely because the quality of their relationships is poor and on a fake level.

Having superficial relations with others will affect your ability to be comfortable and close with people. You will find it hard to believe that others will accept you for who you really are. This ends up making you feel lonely even though you are with others.

How do I get over loneliness?

If you are troubled with feelings of loneliness there are many things you can do to help yourself get out of this situation.

• Get involved with others by joining a hobby or sports group. When you take part in a group and attend regularly you will be able to bond with others who have similar interests to you and over time you can get to know them more and cultivate friendships with them.

• Volunteer for a cause that interests you. You can dispel your feelings of loneliness by helping out people in need and being a source of comfort to others.

By bonding with people in need and helping them you will be able to take your mind off yourself and focus on serving others. You will in turn feel that you are valued individual and needed. Helping others also has a positive boomerang effect, as Jesus said “Whatever you give unto others shall be given unto you.”

• If the time is right, get involved in an amorous relationship. By finding someone to love you and to share your life with, you will stop feeling empty and lonely but you will feel loved, secure and needed.

• Try to limit the amount of time you’re alone. If you work alone, then try to spend your after work hours around other people or family members.

• Let out your inner child. If you have children in your family or friend networks, try to cultivate a deeper relationship with them. Children are a source of fun, creativity and energy and love to be given attention by others as it makes them feel special and important.

As a result of the attention you give a child, they will repay you by giving you equal attention and love back!

• Get closer to God by communicating with Him. Tell him about your sadness, your dreams and your concerns.  He wants not only to be your father, but your best friend!  It can start by one small prayer!  Reach out to God and He will come to you in a way no friend, spouse or relative can. 

The truth is you are never separated from God. God is always with you. If you truly believed this you would never feel lonely even if you were the last person on earth!

• If you are lonely because you are suffering from conditions such as anxiety or social phobia, deal with these issues directly. An anxiety disorder will most probably be the root cause that is isolating you from others.

Conditions such as these are not uncommon and significantly affect your ability to carry out a healthy social life. Fortunately there is lots of help out there - so make a decision to seek for assistance and control over this situation.

If you have been struggling with loneliness for a long time and failed to do anything about it then you have to take immediate action to resolve your problem.

Lingering feelings of loneliness may influence a person to fall into a depression. By facing your loneliness and treating it you will escape being caught in a vicious cycle of depression.

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