Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to get help from God

Are you going through a crisis in life and you feel powerless to help yourself?

Do you want to reach out to God for help but don’t know how to go about it?

The answer is simple; you must simply get on your knees and talk to God!

Thankfully you don’t have to fight your battles alone in life. There is a God out there waiting to help you and is more than ready to assist you in dealing with all of life’s trials and tribulations.

Power talk

Talking to God is one of the most powerful conversations you can have. Whatever you might be going through right now, communication with God is an awesome tool that opens the windows of heaven to get you the help you need. It is worth investing our time in talking to God. The benefits are limitless!

When it is time to talk to God get rid of all inhibitions. Spread your case before God and speak to God like you would to a trusted friend. Don’t focus on the quantity of your prayer but on the quality of it.

God is not fussy! You don’t have to give an eloquent prayer just open our heart to God and ask for His intervention in your situation. Even if you were to act hysterical in prayer- God will accept you and listen to your prayer. God will honour any prayer given to Him.

There are many types of prayers

There are a multitude of prayers you can use for any situation in life. Below are just a few:

Prayers to empower you

You can use prayers to ask God to strengthen you in your midnight hour, when you’re at your weakest. When you talk to God you gain supernatural power to face the situation. He has the power to turn your defeats or even your nightmares into your victories.

Sometimes it may seem that God doesn’t hear our prayers but He certainly does! In the situation when God is not answering your prayers quickly, He may be working something out for you behind the scenes. Just hold on and continue to trust in God during these trying times. Your victory could be right around the corner. So keep the faith!

Prayers for guidance

When you are confused about your life and where you are going you can talk to God and receive guidance. God is all intelligent and all knowing. He has a plan for your life and knows what’s best for you so trust Him.

When you pray for guidance, God will direct you in the path that you should go by prompting you with hunches, opening doors of opportunity for you and leading you to certain people or places.

Pray for protection

You can pray to ask God for protection in times of danger and peril. When you are facing certain opposition from others or feel threatened or unsafe you can call on God to help you.

God is a spiritual force that is omnipresent, this means God’s spirit is everywhere and you are never separated from this force. Even if you feel alone and unprotected, trust that the invincible God will protect you in times of danger.

Prayer to encourage us

God can encourage you just like a human coach can, if not more! When you are in need of encouragement you can go to God and pray for Him to fill you with courage and hope so that you can have confidence to preserver with whatever goals or dreams you have in your heart and to never give up.

When you need that extra encouragement all you need to is to open our heart to God and you will receive the strength you need to press on.

Prayers for forgiveness

No matter what you have done in life, if you are truly sorry and repentant you can ask God to remove your guilt from you. Many people go through life haunted by what they did in the past and feel so much misery, regret and condemnation.

The truth is God wants to set you free from all the guilt and is ready to forgive you when you are truly sorry. When you pray for God to forgive you an amazing feeling of peace and cleansing enters your soul. You are truly set free from your past! All you need to do is to get down on your knees and ask God to forgive you; He is more than willing to set you free from your past!

Prayers to help others

You can talk to God on behalf of others by doing an intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer can be used to communicate other people’s needs or problems to God.

If you want to bless or help a family member, partner, friend in need or even for a stranger who is homeless on the street and in need, you can pray for them to God. You can ask God to look upon them and intervene into their situation and give them the help they need.

Don’t give up! Be persistent in prayer

Most people tend to give up on prayer when they don’t receive immediate answers to their prayers from God. Jesus was insistent on being persistent in prayer. Just keep praying even when you can’t see immediate answers.

This stretches your capacity to trust God. The truth is you learn more from your failures than your successes. The Bible in its original Greek emphasizes persistence in prayer. So keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking and God will open the door and give you what you need.

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