Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why do I hate myself?

Are you unhappy and dissatisfied with the person that you are? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and feel like you don’t measure up? Do you feel inferior to other people? If you do have these feelings you probably suffer from low self-esteem.

The reasons why you have low self esteem

There are various reasons why a person develops low self esteem in life. Psychologists state that low self esteem begins to develop in childhood and is affected by how we were treated by our family and the people around us.

Our childhood background may be one major reason why we grow up not liking ourselves, but there are many other factors why. Below is a list of several reasons why people suffer with low self esteem:

You’re not proud of who you are

People with low self esteem are not pleased and satisfied with the person that they have become. They are also not proud of what they’re doing in life and how they live life. People who don’t like themselves have a tendency to feel shame a lot because they always feel they have done something wrong or stupid. They have little sense of self importance.

I don’t deserve to be loved or happy

Another characteristic of people will low self esteem is the belief that they don’t deserve the good things in life. They find it hard expecting to be loved by others and even God because they feel unloved and unworthy of love. In addition people who dislike themselves don’t feel deserving of happiness. When happiness does come to them they don’t accept it as normal and feel like it will never last.

My opinions are not as valid as anybody else’s

When a person suffers from low self esteem they find it difficult and nerve racking expressing themselves in front of other people. They would much rather melt into the background at parties because partaking in conversations with many people makes them feel uneasy. This is because they believe that what they are going to say is stupid, not important or smart enough and it will end up embarrassing them.

I am critical towards myself

It’s very common for people with a low self esteem to constantly put themselves down. They lack the self respect people who like themselves have and are always judging themselves by comparing themselves to others. People with low self-esteem never forgive or accept their faults and limitations and criticize themselves for making the slightest mistake.

I’m unsatisfied with my looks

People with low self esteem have a tendency to be overly critical and unsatisfied with their physical appearance. They constantly compare themselves to others and this ends up crashing their level of self esteem. For example, a girl may constantly compare herself to models and as a result call herself fat because she fails to measure up to them. A man may feel physically inferior and puny because he compares himself to more macho men. 

Individuals with low self esteem have a hard time living out the truth that they are a treasured child of God and unfortunately struggle with accepting themselves for who they are.  A destructive self image is a danger as your self portrait decides how you allow yourself to be treated by yourself and others.  The poorer your self image, the more abuse you will accept from yourself and from others.  The truth is that God wants His children to see the greatness in themselves and it is not His will that His children have self hate. 

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