Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why are some people stuck up?

Have you had to deal with a stuck up person in your family, school or work group or even a posh department store? Do you find stuck up people extremely annoying, pushy and intolerable?

Interestingly, most people don’t know how to deal with stuck up individuals partly because they haven’t uncovered the reasons as to why some people act stuck up. In this article I will uncover to you what are the reasons that make a person act in a stuck up, arrogant manner and expose to you what really runs inside the mind of a stuck up person.

The external traits of a stuck up person

Stuck up individuals give people the impression that they are better than others. They deliberately behave in an unfriendly way towards others on purpose as it is their pleasure to make other people feel inferior around them. This gives the stuck up person exactly want they want - a superiority fix. Stuck up people crave and strive for the attention of others because it makes them feel that they’re worth it.

The truth stuck up people don’t want you to know

Contrary to what arrogant people show others on the outside, internally it is another story. Interestingly, beyond the haughtiness and the stuck up disposition, what stuck up people don’t want others to know is that they are actually very insecure people on the inside. Stuck up people have a sense of low self worth and they try to compensate for this by acting superior on the outside.

To put it plainly, arrogant people suffer from superiority versus an inferiority complex. Deep down in their core beliefs stuck up people feel that they are disregarded by others and overlooked. They rely on possessions to prove their worth and create a fake feeling of worthiness by acting snobbish and rude to others. All this acts as a compensation for their internal feelings of inferiority.

Case study- Derrick, the stuck up man with everything

Derrick is a standoffish, rude and snobby man who wants to prove to the world that he is superior. To prove that he is the best Derrick opened up his own multimillion dollar business, drives around a new Ferrari and dates a lot of gorgeous girls to feel good about himself.

Derrick derives power from haughtily walking around his company pushing his staff around and treating them like nobodies. On the outside Derrick seems like an arrogant, over confident snob but in reality he feels like a worthless human being and is internally cracking with feelings of inferiority. Contrary to what Derrick may think a snobby attitude and all the possessions in the world cannot erase the feelings of inferiority that still linger in his mind.

I wasn’t given any attention

The common root cause behind people like Derrick who are stuck up is related to their childhood background. A stuck up person may not have received enough nurturing and attention from their parents or others around them as children and this resulted in making them feel unloved, unworthy and neglected. As adults, the feelings of inferiority still linger due to past wounds. Stuck up people will try to overcome these negative feelings of inferiority by creating a fake stuck up self.

Change your attitude towards snobs

By understanding the psychology of stuck people and the reason behind their arrogant attitude you can learn how to deal with them and not let them negatively affect you. The truth is that instead of letting stuck up people offend and annoy you, you should really feel compassion for them and for what they are internally suffering.

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