Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why do people show off?

Are you tired of seeing people who show off and act like they are superior to everybody else? Do you know anyone who shows off the possessions they own or the nice body they have just to get the attention from others around them?

The truth is that show offs get on nearly everyone’s nerves! People who show off may receive various reactions from others ranging from envy to loathing.

The truth show offs don’t want others to know

What most people fail to understand is what goes on in the mind of a show off. Externally, show offs appear to have high feelings of self worth and confidence and are happy about their life, the way they look and what they have. Internally though show offs are very sensitive and needy individuals that deep down feel that they don’t get enough attention. Below are some of the factors that influence an individual to become a show off:

Show offs are addicted to the approval of others

All human beings need approval, yet for show offs the need for approval can be excessive. This is due to show offs having an inner sense of being flawed, unworthy and rejected. This leads show offs to believe that they are unacceptable just the way they are. This influences show offs to cover up their true feelings and pretend to the world that they highly value themselves. They do this because they are desperately looking for validation from other people because they can’t validate themselves. They need your attention!

Show offs feel that they are disregarded and ignored by others

This feeling of worthlessness makes show offs strive to chase after the attention of others. They do this by trying to impress other people or try to make them envious of their possessions. This is how they gain their sense of importance. The truth is that deep down they don’t really care about what they possess; they only care about the attention and envy of others that they get.

People may show off because they’re jealous of you

Some people may be motivated to show off just because they want to prove to you that they’re not jealous of you. In such a case, the jealous show off may be burning with jealousy over you and the only way to fight back is to show off and compete with you. This is one way they can cover up their jealousy and send you a message that you’re not so good after all.
Some show offs motivated by jealousy may have a burning desire to turn the tables around by making you jealous of them. It would give a show off great satisfaction for you to experience the same bitter feelings of jealousy they have over you!

Never be sick of a show off again!

One important note to know about show offs that will enlighten you! Show offs don’t bother to waste their time showing off to any person on the street. They only show off to people that they feel are worthy and important and they do this to win their attention and approval. So next time somebody shows off in front of you don’t take it negatively, take it as a compliment!

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