Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why are some people stingy?

Have you ever encountered or do you personally know a person that is so stingy with their money? Do you find that they try to take advantage of your generosity and money, even if they are richer than you! Do stingy people get on your nerves? If you answered yes then you’re not the only one who feels like this! Actually stingy people get on a lot of people’s nerves and are quite unpopular individuals.

The inflammatory nature of a stingy person

A stingy person is reluctant to spend money sometimes to the point of neglecting even their basic comforts and some of life’s necessities. In extreme cases, stingy people may even neglect their health by denying themselves nutritious food or medicine just to avoid spending any of their money!

The mission statement of a stingy person

Stingy people have one mission in life and that is to exert all efforts for collecting fortunes, sometimes even to the point of relentlessly collecting them. They have an amazing ability to suppress instant gratification and always look out for cost free options in life. Their ultimate aim is to cut expenses to collect more money and get the most they possibly can out of every cent, regardless of how many people they offend.

Stingy people and their pleasures

You may think that the motive of stingy people is to save lots of money for future enjoyment, but this is far from the truth! Actually, stingy people find no pleasure in enjoying riches, but only find happiness in hoarding them. In short, stingy people derive pleasure from hoarding and pain from spending.

Stingy people and relationships

Stingy individuals are usually unwilling to give or spend money for others, even close loved ones.  Many stingy people find it difficult to have an open heart to be truly happy around others. The truth is that their stinginess creates problems and bitterness in the relationships they have with other people. They are infamous around others as they make financial benefit at the expense of other people, often caring little for what others think. In the Bible in Proverbs 23:6 advises to not eat the food of a stingy person and to not crave their delicacies.

Stingy people are hated by many

In nearly all societies in the past and today, stinginess was and is frowned upon. Stinginess is not an admirable trait and if you are stingy, many people may end up hating you for it. Stingy people are hated because they often relentlessly take advantage of the generosity of other people, just to save themselves a few pennies!

An economic parasite

In a typical scenario, a stingy person may go out with a group of friends but not order anything to eat at the restaurant they go to. In addition, a stingy person may never treat a friend to a drink even if their friend shouted them for drinks 100 times before! This is because stingy people are selfish and cannot understand the meaning of generosity. They only think about saving money by creating expenses for others.

What are the reasons why people become stingy?

Someone may be motivated to be stingy because of past experiences of poverty, lack and insecurity. If a certain individual was brought up poor and needy they may grow up to become stingy because they have a fear of poverty returning again in their lives. Stingy people are fearful of dying penniless and thus resort to greediness to feel safe and to avoid this worst case scenario.

It’s a vicious cycle

There is a wise, famous proverb that states “Stingy people are always poor.” People who are stingy may gain or avoid loss or temporarily have an easy time, but in the long run they will be disliked by many, not be able to express themselves fully and live a limited life never realising their potential. In spiritual terms, if you are stingy to the world and others then you will receive the same stinginess back or more in other mysterious forms.

Till death do us part

If we look back at the history books, there have been plenty of people who lived their whole lives stingily and finally died and passed on all their jealously guarded fortunes to their family members. If these deceased individuals knew the truth that their family members were enjoying and squandering their precious fortunes they would literally turn in their graves! This has been the finale for many stingy people. Unfortunately all their efforts to live life as a stingy person were ultimately in vain.

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