Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why can't I handle failure?

When anyone endeavors to follow their dreams they have to be prepared to encounter frustration or discomfort along the way. Unfortunately, so many people are unable to handle failure when it confronts them and instead give up so easily on their dreams. Humans are petrified of failing! The truth is that the fear of failure is one of the biggest fears experienced by mankind.

We want life to be easy

People can’t handle failure because getting what we want often requires us to move out of our comfort zone. Most of us want life to be easy and cozy. A low tolerance for frustration makes us give up easily because we are reluctant to endure the discomfort that comes with working towards our goals. Low frustration tolerance makes it difficult for us to get started as well as to persevere, especially when the going gets tough.
We may have a big dream but when obstacles arise in our lives we see it as a sign to stop and follow by giving up too easily. We procrastinate and we make excuses and tell ourselves that we won’t make it anyway so it’s not worth trying again. Unfortunately, many people have great ideas and big dreams but ultimately, not all have the drive to follow through.

Can you be bothered?

When you fail there are always solutions to get out of the problem and get you back on track, but you need to take the time out to look for these solutions. You need to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to implement solutions to move on and overcome your mistakes. This is not an easy thing. Most people don’t want to take the time to put in the hard work because they want things to be easy, convenient and safe for them. Do you feel yourself feeling like this too?

You have to learn to tolerate failure

Learning to handle failure does not mean that if you experience failure you have to stop attempting to accomplish your dream or that you should learn to like failure. No one likes to fail! But if you want to learn to handle failure you have to learn to overcome it and try over and over again until you get what you want.
Use failure as an opportunity to learn what went wrong and what you should not do the next time. Failure is an invitation for you to try again with another strategy and keep on persisting until you get to your wining formula. Whatever you do don’t see failure as a sign to stop what you’re doing.  God allows us to go through failure to use it to refine and sharpen us.

Failure can make you successful

One of the most important keys to helping a person achieve success is to learn how to tolerate failure, get up and start trying again. It is persistence, resilience and a spirit that is willing to try hard when the going gets tough that makes a person not only handle failure but thrive through it and get to their dreams.
The key is to keep on trying even when you see no results in your life and even when things still feel the same. To accomplish this you need patience and persistence in the face of failure. If you can overcome this then you will not only achieve your dream, you’ll end up transforming into a stronger person who is unstoppable.

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