Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why do I have low self-esteem and confidence?

There are many reasons as to why you can develop inferior self esteem and confidence, but the root cause of this issue mostly stems from your childhood past. It is quite common for people who were brought up in a dysfunctional family situation or experienced certain negative events earlier in life to end up acquiring a low level of self confidence and self esteem.

You were abused and rejected

One of the reasons why you can develop a low feeling of self esteem and confidence can be related to feeling unwanted in your childhood. Feeling unwanted can happen as a result of being abused either physically, sexually or verbally as a child. You may have had parents that didn’t give you enough attention and neglected you; sadly this only makes a child feel like a worthless, unloved and insecure individual. People who experienced all this type of abuse in their past have a tendency towards self rejection which crashes your self esteem and confidence.

You were told you were stupid

Psychologists state that verbal abuse can have equally damaging effects to a child similar to sexual and physical abuse. Some people may have had parents who constantly criticised them and wrongly told them they were stupid. The dangerous thing about experiencing verbal abuse as a child is that as a child your mind is like a sponge. It absorbs all the information given to the brain and accepts it without disputing the validity of it and accepts it as a fact.

For example if a child was told they were stupid over and over again for 10 years by a parent, then this will no doubt nearly annihilate their self confidence and self esteem! People who have experienced such abuse go out into the world as very insecure, self critical individuals who have a strong feeling of incompetence.

It wasn’t your fault

Unfortunately as a child you don’t really have much choice about the way you are treated by others and brought up. People with such a past must foster a stronger relationship with God the Father and with the help of God learn to love and care for themselves if they are to overcome the poor treatment and abuse they suffered as children.   

You can do something about your low self esteem and confidence

Fortunately there is hope for you if you have low self esteem and confidence. You can literally rewire your mind to start operating on a positive wavelength; but it’s not as simple as a lot of people claim.

Re conditioning your mind takes a lot of time and persistent effort. It may also be emotionally painful. As humans we are naturally inclined to seek after comfort and avoid pain at whatever cost. This is the reason why many people who have a low self esteem and confidence don’t bother to invest in rebuilding their minds, because it takes pushes you out of the comfort zone.

To help build your self esteem and confidence means you have to [working together with God] face your fears, face the truth about your past and who you are today. You need to be committed to improve yourself. Growing your self esteem and confidence means developing strength from within bit by bit.

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