Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The voice in your head - your friend or foe?


All of us have an inner voice in our head that talks to us and gives us advice. This voice is just a stream of conscious dialogue going on all the time- like a record player that repeats itself. This inner voice still speaks to us even when we are doing two things at the same time as the brain has an amazing capacity to process information while at the same time partaking in another action. It is perfectly normal for all people to experience this.

According to psychologists your inner voices are deep in your subconscious mind.  The reality is that the voices in your head are like teachers. Humans constantly have an internal dialogue with themselves, giving advice, making evaluations and teaching new beliefs. It’s important to know the difference between a good voice which encourages you and guides you and a bad voice which can put you in a negative downward spiral.


You may have an inner voice in your head that resembles your worst enemy!
This critical inner voice constantly puts you down, attacks you for the slightest mistake and labels you. This inner voice uses cruel language such as “You stupid idiot! You haven’t done anything valuable in your life and you will always be a loser!"

The danger to listening to this voice a whole lifetime can be catastrophic! Do you have a voice similar to this in your head? The problem is that many people just accept this voice as their own and do nothing about stopping or challenging it.

Other people have voices in their head that are too kind and easy on them but dig deep beneath the surface can be damaging. This type of “kind “voice can be too lenient, may encourage you to give up when things get too difficult or lead you to avoid facing up to situations than to confront and deal with them.

Language commonly used by this voice can resemble “That’s ok to give up on this dream, it was too hard to achieve anyway and life should be easy, not difficult!” Listening to this voice can breed a lot of needless problems in life and can encourage problematic behaviours such as passivity, self pity, hopelessness, procrastination, frustration and depression.


Many of us can identify where our voices come from. Psychologists state that the voice in our head originates from your experiences and people you associated with in your childhood and teenage years. If you pay attention to your voices you may be reminded of a relative, a parent or a teacher you once knew. So ask yourself, who does this voice remind you of?


Unfortunately when you were a child you had little control over how you were grown up and what type of people were around you. You accepted the negative voice in your head as right and became accustomed to listening to it nearly all your life.

The Bible clearly tells us to renew our minds, put off the old man and put on the renewed new man.  But it is ultimately your responsibility to disqualify the negative voice in your head and stop using it as an authority figure in your life- no matter how long you have been listening to it.  The key lies in the understanding that every positive progress in your mind requires the rejection of something old.

So if the inner voice you have is a negative one, get rid of this voice by deciding not to place any value on it anymore and replace it with a good voice that has its root and basis in the word of God. 

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