Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 powerful ways to become a success

If you want to become successful in life you have to be prepared to master this 3 step formula:

1. You have to be hard-headed

This means that if you want to become successful you have to be determined to not allow your emotions to affect your decisions.

You may feel as though you’re not making any progress after working so hard and so long. You may also feel like giving up out of frustration because things aren’t going the way you expected them and it’s too hard. But if you detach yourself and not let these negative emotions stop you from taking further action on your dream you’re guaranteed to succeed.

2. You have to be long suffering

You have to learn how to bear your problems with patience. If you are able to wait for a long time for your dream to materialise and not give up on it then you will reach your dream and achieve success.

When I was establishing Dream Believe and Manifest there were so many times I was confronted with rejections, obstacles and problems and wanted to escape them by giving up. Fortunately, I cultivated the ability to be long suffering and endure my problems.

One of the main ways I did this was through building my faith in God and knowing that He will make all the wrongs right for me if I press on.

3. Try until you discover the winning formula

To become successful you have to learn to see failure as an educational experience instead of a sign to stop. You may have to try many times until you reach your goal but keep on attempting new things until you discover the right strategy to reach your success.

Maybe you have to try 100 hundred different methods that won’t work - but as long as you keep on pushing and trying you will definitely receive your reward!

Simply stated, to become successful in life you have to:
  • Keep persisting in the face of failure and setbacks
  • Keep trying new methods when you don’t get results
  • Have complete faith in the dream that God placed in your heart
  • Detach from your failures and avoid getting emotional over them
  • Overcome your obstacles
  • Disregard the doors slammed in your face until you finally get what you want; knock until a door is opened to you. 
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