Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why do people gossip?

Why do so many people enjoy to gossip? What motivates them to talk behind someone’s back? There are several reasons as to why people enjoy doing this action.

The case of the bitter office workers

Some people may become motivated to gossip about others because they feel resentful and are too scared of confronting the person they are gossiping about in the face. Instead of facing the person directly they fail to find the courage and resort to gossiping about them to others.

A perfect case scenario of this situation is in an office environment. Several of the girls in the office may dislike their overpowering boss and his treatment towards them. Unfortunately they don’t have the courage to face up to him or complain about his harsh treatment. Instead of facing up to their boss and risking the chance of getting in his bad books or getting sacked, they opt to not confront him and take to gossiping to vent out their resentment and frustration.

A way to detoxify your jealous feelings

Other people are motivated to gossip about others simply because they are jealous of them due to feelings of inadequacy. The only way to feel better about themselves in this situation is to resort to gossiping about the people they are jealous of. This gives gossipers a sense of relief from their feelings of jealousy because they can’t vent out their jealousy any other way.

Gossipers who are motivated by jealousy may criticise the person they are jealous of to make themselves feel worthy and better than them. In reality though, no amount of gossip will ever make a jealous person feel permanently better about the person they are jealous of.

How to deal with gossipers

If you suspect that people are gossiping about you then you shouldn’t let this intimidate you. As you have read earlier in this article people that gossip are driven by cowardice feelings, resentment, jealousy and inadequacy. This truth in itself should enlighten you and help you to not let these types of weak people worry you. Make sure to keep your head up high no matter what happens and whatever people say about you.

If people are gossiping about you because of jealousy then make sure to never disclose your personal problems to anyone because it may reach the people that gossip about you and they will definitely gloat. Most importantly, don’t gossip about other people. As you probably well know, Jesus warned us that what you reap you shall sow. So try to treat others the way you would like to be treated as this action will serve to protect you in the end.

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