Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What should I do if I hate my job?

Are you miserable with your work? Do you feel trapped because the job you hate is the only way to support yourself?

Do you dread waking up every morning to go to work? Do you feel you have no purpose in life?

If you do I have news for you, you are certainly not alone! So many people go through the same dreaded feelings everyday!

The truth is that most people have not reached a clear state of realizing exactly what they love to do and what they are good at. So they end up going to work in jobs that they are completely uninterested in and bored with – just to make money. Unfortunately, many people have come to believe that this is the only option available to them and they feel hopeless as a result.

Start questioning

Firstly, if you want to escape the “I hate my job” rut you need to go through a period of self discovery and questioning. Even if you feel your job is intolerable right now, whatever it is, keep on doing it with your full effort and dedication while you search for answers.

Start to ask yourself if you could do any occupation in the world what would it be? When you understand what that it is ask yourself what you can take to get yourself involved in it.

A man with a passion

I once met a man that wanted to be a photographer but was working as an office worker full time and hated it. He decided to do something about this and go to photography classes in his free time. Later on he did occasional photography work on weekends at weddings while still keeping his office job.

Gradually because he was so passionate and talented in photography people started to demand him for more work. To his delight he was able to make great money on the weekends from his wedding photography job and decided to lower his full time hours at the office to part time.

In time, his photography work was so successful that he decided to quit his office job and dedicate himself full time to his wedding photography business. Now he is making more than triple the income he used to make at the office!

A lesson to learn

If you look at your situation in a deeper spiritual way, you were not put in that job by accident. God placed you there because there were lessons for you to learn that will have a connection with your future. Maybe it was your destiny to be put in a job that you hate because only through this you could discover what you truly love and want to do in life.

Before I established Dream Believe and Manifest I also decided to search for answers in my life. After having an amazing opportunity to work in Japan as a journalist for several years I decided to come back to Australia and complete my masters in international business.

After graduating I received a rare opportunity and was chosen out of over 4000 applicants to receive a position in one of the government’s departmental graduate programs in the capital city. I relocated from my home town and decided to embark on a new life and career in a new city.

I soon understood that I was unfulfilled with my work and decided to search for answers. With a lot of prayer and searching it took me two years to understand what I wanted to do with my career and life. Only by being in a job that I disliked was I able to understand what I truly wanted in life.

During that time though, I learnt many things about myself and knew exactly what I wanted with the rest of my life. I was able to discover what was missing. It was a wilderness time in my life, yet one of the biggest learning experiences I’ve ever had!

Hold on-there is a solution out there for you!

This experience of you hating your job will serve as an opportunity for the unfolding of a greater plan for your life. God may be allowing this situation to push you to take action regarding this issue as there may be something better out there for you.

Through this experience, the Holy Spirit may be prompting you to explore and actualize your untapped potential. Your task is to treat each incident you experience with the eye of a good detective. God will unfold for you opportunities as time goes by.

No experience is wasted

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t start to think that everything in your life has been a waste. Above all, remember that God has an amazing plan for your life - even if you find it hard to believe sometimes.  There is a reason you’re in a job you hate even if it is to master something simple such as filing documents! One day when you discover your intended occupation you will realize why you were put into these meaningless jobs. There is a reason for everything- so don’t give up!

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  1. Interesting. We can all relate. In my experience, most people who say they don't like their job are really saying they don't like their boss.

    Job stress can kill ya---literally. It's really important to separate the amount of money the job pays from the satisfaction the job returns. I'd take a low paying job any day over a high pay/high stress one.