Thursday, December 22, 2011

Japan Diary ~ Shopping and Study!

Hi friends!

This is Christina reporting!  The last few days we have been studying Japanese very hard..  Now we have joined the local Joetsu community network that the government runs..  We have been assigned a teacher and we are endeavouring to level up on our Japanese..

We drive by car to the government building [as I have an international driving permit] and after we go and enjoy time studying at one of the many coffee shops!

After we spend the day shopping...  Here in Japan the shopping experience is amazing to say the least!  Actually consumerism is one of the strong points of the Japanese economy - the Japanese love shopping!!!

The home appliances are so convenient and more technologically superior than those in the west..  Just browsing home stores and technology stores can take a whole day and there are so many mega stores for electronics!

Actually products are quite affordable and because of such competition [in terms of all products], stores offer point and member cards where you can get quick bonus points, discounts and free products!!  Already we have become members to some of our favorite stores and have reaped so many benefits: free products, discounts and offers! 

The other day at a 100yen mega store I won a 500yen coupon when the staff ran my receipt through the computer...yeaaaaah!!!!!!

Tommorow we are heading for Tokyo!!!!!!  Our old home!! [we worked in Tokyo a few years back].  We are deciding where to go to see Christmas illumination scenes, where to eat where we get a high tower view of the nightsky of Tokyo city!!  We bought a Tokyo guide book from the magazine store yesterday and we are reading it for recommendations.. It is in Japanese, but our level is ok to understand enough!

Perhaps we will go to the Park Tower Prince Hotel for stay and the view is so nice at dinner time!!  This is the view:

So nice for Christmas time!!

We plan to spend a beautiful Christmas eve with our special friends from Tokyo!!

Keep posted dear friends - we will be leaving for Tokyo on Friday morning by car and plan to keep you posted about our adventures as much as possible!

Lots of love dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Love Christina [and Teppie]


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