Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to deal with negative people the Jesus way

Do you want know the best way to deal with negative people?

If you do then all you have to do is look at the example of Jesus and study how He handled negative people in Hid earthly life and then implement these strategies in your own life.

Below are some tips on how to handle negative people- the Jesus way:

*  Jesus didn`t focus on those against Him but was focused on His goals for His three year ministry.  The reason why He didn`t stress about all the people against Him was because He had a compelling mission to complete on this earth and was focused on more than `little people`.  Like Jesus, you must have compelling goals that keep you moving forward in life and keep going and not focused on the small fries against you.  When you have exciting goals and a purpose you don`t have the time to focus on negative people.

*  Jesus didn`t even waste His time trying to negotiate or to make amends with the people that were against Him and wanted to kill Him.  Even in the last hours of Jesus`s life when He was charged and taken before the authorities Jesus barely uttered a word when He was put on trial.  Jesus knew what God wanted to do to save humanity and didn`t bother trying to explain Himself or get Himself acquitted by His enemies.

*  However when required, Jesus spoke back to the people that tried to put him publicly to the test and put him down.  He was not afraid to get on the bad side of other people and this is because Jesus had boldness and had no fear of the opinions of other men.  Jesus was not addicted to the approval of others like so many people are in this world. 

*  Jesus was well aware of the character of His enemies and He knew their limits and was not threatened by them.  He saw through everyone`s heart and knew that the people that were against Him were bitten by jealousy and hate and were foolish and narrow minded individuals.  As Jesus knew these enemies of His were foolish He did not take their nasty words to His heart and instead only focused on the words of His beloved father.  The truth is that the people that put you down all the time are the exact kind of people that Jesus had to deal with. 

When Jesus made His first appearance at the temple to read the word of God in the beginning of His ministry, members of the temple started mocking and making critical comments about where Jesus came from and the fact that He was a carpenter`s son in Nazareth.  Nevertheless, Jesus didn`t allow these critics to stop the mission that God had commissioned Him to do on the earth.  Jesus had faith in Himself and never gave up on His dreams just because a few people decided to mock Him and put Him down. 

Like Jesus, understand that it`s no use to give up on the dreams God put in your heart just because some people decided to come against you and put you down.  It`s important for your survival and resilience to understand the motives of why people are negative and like to put others down.  These are the people that are usually unsuccessful in life, pessimistic and miserable individuals who are not satisfied with their lives and always criticize themselves. 

*  Jesus had strong faith in Himself and in God.  In order to face negative people you have to believe in yourself and this will be your source of stability when people try to hit you down and make you feel insecure and unsure about yourself in life.  Whatever a person says to put you down must be ignored and not taken to heart.  Most people can`t properly handle their own lives and give opinions about things that they know nothing about so don`t take them seriously.  In addition, like our wonderful Lord, keep your faith strong in God and run to Him as He is your refuge when things and negative are against you in your walk of life.


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    1. Dr.Dabbs, thank you so very much for your comment! It has been a really long time since we last blogged so we definitely will write more helpful articles similar to this one!

      Jesus is a real inspiration to us and we are told in the scriptures to strive to become more like Him. Can you imagine how strong, grounded and happier we would be if we were all more like Jesus! That is definitely our mission as children of God on this temporary earth! We are glad you liked this article and we pray that the information on this blog blesses your life!

      May God bless you and keep you Dr. Dabbs!

      Thank you

      Teppie and Christina

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