Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 keys to be victorious in life

It is the nature of all humans to dream of and chase after success and prosperity. Why do so many high profile fashion and sport companies secure contracts with the world’s top peak performing athletes and pay them unbelievably high salaries? The reason is simple; these athletes are the epitome of the success that all people long for- and success sells!

It’s not enough to just dream about success coming to you or repeat a whole list of positive affirmations to achieve what you want. It takes effort and hard work to win and become successful- that’s why many people prefer to dream about success instead of do anything about it! The truth is, when it comes to action, most of us are not go-getters.

We are not in the habit of looking for solutions and even when we know what needs to be done, we are often reluctant to give it is go. You have to separate yourself from the masses and like top peak performing athletes, take systematic and determined action that will lead you to success.

Here is a 5 step formula for success that you can implement for the attainment of any goal:

1. Detach yourself from your past

You have to believe in yourself that whatever has happened to you in your life will not have the power to stop you from getting what you want. Many people look at their past pain, mistakes and failures and quit even before they start working towards their goals. Everyone, even successful people have fallen short in life.

What separates mediocre people from true winners? True winners are detached and don’t let their past failures get in the way of their dreams. They are resilient, get up after a fall and continue to press on with their goals and plans and ultimately achieve victory.

2. Self confidence - the belief in your ability to succeed

When our self confidence is high we are more motivated to try and pursue our goals. Don’t be discouraged by past failures and down times. Just think of how many times Thomas Edison failed, until he finally succeeded in inventing the light bulb. Failure never discouraged Edison because deep down, even after all his mishaps-he believed he could do it. You too have to believe that you have got what it takes to achieve your dream.

3. Clearly defined goals

Define your problem specifically- you have to know exactly what you want. Setting goals requires thought and planning. To solve a problem, we need to decide what we want to achieve and how we will go about it. We may feel overwhelmed by our dreams and our goals may appear to be huge and insurmountable, but clearly defining the problem makes the situation feel more manageable and draws our attention to the things we need to work on. All winners in life work from crystal clear defined goals.

4. A plan of action

Once you have defined what you want to achieve it is time you wrote out your plan of action. A plan of action is a blueprint of what you want to achieve, and the steps you will take to achieve them. An effective plan of action must include a statement of your goal, specific measurable targets and the date by which you want to achieve them. In addition, your plan will list specific steps to achieve your goal and a statement about how you will benefit from achieving this goal. This statement will be a motivating push for you to take action.

5. Be aware of your obstacles

You must have a willingness to identify and confront obstacles that might obstruct your ability to succeed. The obstacles may be failure, your limiting thoughts and beliefs or problems such as financial constraints. Develop a plan that will help you overcome the obstacles that are obstructing you.
Solutions exist, but we need to look for them and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to implement them. That means after a failure getting up from it and pressing on. Sometimes we will need to experience frustration without running away from the task will help us to get what we want. Once you overcome this you will find it easier to reach your goals.

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